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A Young Couple

She was just a young girl

She did not understand

She couldn’t really see

The feelings that were at hand


Yes she agreed

When he asked her out

But neither of them properly knew

What their relationship was about


He was just a player

At the same age as her

He was too young for a girlfriend

Especially a girl like her


She wouldn’t see his bad side

Even when she knew he was wrong

But she couldn’t stop liking him

When she had loved him for so long


He said “i love you”

Did he really mean it, or had it just slipped out

She said “i love you too”

But they were just words flung about


Gradually they drifted

And their relationship fell apart

To him she was just a memory

But for her he was a burden on her heart


But when she looked back

She realised he was not all good

She finally saw the bad in him

A long time after she should


But for some strange reason

There was still something there

Something that made her still want him

Something that made her still care.