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Posts tagged: Poem

In an ideal world…

In an ideal world, where perfection is reality

In an ideal world, where fantast is practicality

I would be a fantasist, head up in the clouds

I would be at peace, not phased by all the crowds

In an ideal world, success would be achieved

In an ideal world, all beauty would be perceived

I would be an optimist, full of positivity

I would be successful, Happy and carefree

In an ideal world, no judgements would be made

In an ideal world, all shallowness would fade

I would be a socialist, known only for me

Nothing but precision, would fill my memory

In an ideal world, there would be no rejection

In an ideal world, we would need no protection

I would be likeable, in a way that can be adored

I would be strong, wouldn’t need to be reassured

In an ideal world, all dreams would come true

In an ideal world, it would just be me and you.


Daddy when I was little

You used to kiss my knee

When it was hurt or bruised

Or even a cut you couldn’t see


Daddy when I was little

You could hug away my pain

When I bumped my head

You’d just rub it again and again


As I got a little older

Your would tell me it would be alright

I would believe your every word

You would take away my fright


Now that I have grown up

It doesn’t work so much

You cannot take away my pain

With just one single touch


Now Daddy can you work your magic

Like you did from the start

Can you do the impossible?

Can you fix my heart?

Would you…?

If I sent you a letter

Would you reply?

If I tell you the truth

Will you tell me a lie?

If I needed help

Would you come to the rescue?

If I was stuck

Would you advise me what to do?

If I gave you a hug

Would you return the favour?

If I was in trouble

Would you be my saviour?

If I gave you my heart

What would you say?

If I left it in you presence

Would it still be okay?