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Posts tagged: Inspiration

Light at the end of the tunnel

As everything seems to be wrong

And nothing seems to be right

You feel permanently stuck in the dark

You have to hold on to the hope of light

You feel stuck in a never ending tunnel

That never seems to glow

But the thought of a glint of happiness

Makes you hold on and never let go

You blindly feel you way around

Hoping for the best

Life feels like an unfair game

Life feels like a never ending test

Then as you’re staring through the darkness

You see a faint shine of light

Thing start to look better

Everything going to be alright

You start to walk toward the glow

And its starts to get brighter

The heavy weight upon your shoulders

Gradually starts to get lighter

Problems start to disappear

Difficulties get resolved

You can now start to look ahead

Now that things are being solved

You can now start to smile again

And not fake that pasted on grin

You may have lost once before

But now you can go in for the win

So even when you’re feeling down

I have a message to send

No matter how dark the tunnel may seem

There is always a light in the end